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The author, Daniel Wolf is an executive with the Open Society Foundation run by George Soros. The avowed goal of this foundation is drug legalization and they view naltrexone as a barrier to their goals. Naltrexone was developed by the federal government as a prophylactic non-opioid for patients returning home after residential treatment or incarceration. Naltrexone is best described as: Medication Assisted Prevention.

In the present battle against the opioid epidemic we need to deploy every available medication to save lives and getting patients back into being productive members of society. We have exactly three medications to fight the battle and it serves no purpose attacking each other. All three medications, methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone have their place in treatment. The goal of treatment has to be: harm reduction to harm elimination to harm avoidance.  Our success is going to be based on how intelligently and creatively we use these medications and combine them with behavior therapies to get patients back into a thriving mode. Everyone of these medications can meet the treatment goal when used appropriately.

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