So many conferences (and Webinars, meetings, etc.), so little time (and money), which is where the “Serials Spoken Here” column in Serials Review comes in.  The column needs reporters to cover the following conferences, which entails simply attending (or listening, as the case may be) and reporting back to those of us who can’t attend just what we missed:


NISO Webinar: It’s Only as Good as the Metadata, Oct. 13; ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Oct. 22-27; Pennsylvania Library Association Conference, Oct. 24-27; Wisconsin Library Association Conference, Nov. 2-5; Charleston Conference, Nov. 3-6; Brick & Click Annual, Nov. 5; SPARC Digital Repositories, Nov. 8-9; NISO Webinar: The Case of the Disappearing Journal, Nov. 10; and the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference, Nov. 10-12.


Attendees who are interested in reporting are encouraged to contact Kurt Blythe, column editor, at for further details.  Anyone attending anything within the same general timeframe as the conferences listed are encouraged to contact me; I may be unaware of the event in question.  Those of you attending conferences occurring close on the heels of those named in this message may wait to see a call for those conferences or contact me preemptively.


Best, Kurt