Dear Colleague,

Publishers Communication Group (PCG),  Is currently conducting research concerning the level of librarian involvement with Open Access publications and author payments.  To help us in this endeavor, we invite you to participate in a brief, anonymous survey. Our goal is to better understand how open access funding is developing and the role that the library plays in encouraging and supporting an OA mandate within an institution.

 Please be sure to respond by July 31, 2014. To access the survey, please go to:

We will enter you in a drawing for a $200 Visa or Mastercard gift card as a thank you for your participation if you include your contact information at the conclusion of the survey. We thank you for your willingness to participate and look forward to your valuable feedback.

Kind regards,

Kate Lara


Head of Market Research

Publishers Communication Group

38 Chauncy Street, Suite 1002

Boston, MA 02111


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