It's also whether Portico as an archival site will honor the OA status of articles or journals or if they will be putting OA content back behind a paywall.

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This is an important question.  When we were considering paying the big bucks for an online subscription to Science (we just get the print now), we inquired whether that online sub included perpetual access rights. We were told it wasn't necessary because Science is open after a year anyway.  But that isn't a good answer because the open access is voluntary and not contractual on Science's part and could disappear at any time with a change of management, at least as far as I could find out.  I think Nature might have the same situation.


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I will be answering some questions regarding Open Access (OA) in an activity organized in my School and I am planning to say that Open Access articles are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download. Is that definition really correct? In particular I would like you to be sure about the meaning of "permanently" in the OA context.

Have you come across to a case where an article that was initially published as Open Access (OA) but which later became a non-OA article?

I mean, can an OA article become a subscription article?

And if yes, under which reasonable circumstances would happen that?

Thank you!


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