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7th June 2018 has partnered with Remote Xs to further remove barriers to access


In addition to their existing partnership with Research4Life, has also now partnered with Remote Xs. All of the IP addresses that Remote Xs have supplied to libraries are now loaded in ready to be used by publishers*. This information will allow publishers to provide access to libraries in parts of the world that have previously been “off limits” to many publishers.


All Remote Xs IP addresses are denoted clearly within to provide publishers will the information they need in order to make licensing decisions.


Jatin Baraiya, CEO of Remote Xs says “Remote Xs is able to allocate IP addresses to institutions that do not have the technical ability to implement this technology themselves. To provide security for publishers providing content to these institutions, Remote Xs is able to place access limits by publisher, by institution and by user. Our partnership with is allowing details of these IP addresses to be shared with the growing number of publishers now using”. is the only pre-populated IP registry which now contains over 1.5 billion fully verified IP addresses for over 60,000 libraries. Libraries using can communicate IP updates to multiple publishers at the click of a button. is also the only registry that checks and verifies IP addresses to eliminate the errors that occur when distributing this kind of information. These checks and measures are clearly absolutely vital as an audit of the data held by over 150 publishers, carried out by PSI IPV Ltd, showed that over 50% of the IP data they held was incorrect. It is still the case that, on average, 20% of the new data submitted to is rejected due to errors. is not content to simply store and share information regardless of its value, value is added to the data through the process of vetting, verifying and collecting supporting documentation.


Andrew Pitts, CEO of PSI IPV Ltd (the developer of says “Remote Xs is a simple solution providing access gateways for libraries in parts of the world that have often been denied access to the latest research in the past. This solution also simultaneously provides publishers with the security they need in order to provide access to these institutions.


The two companies will continue to work together with the aim of breaking down barriers to access and encouraging collaboration between the publishing industry and the academic library world.


* The growing list of publishers now using to coordinate updates includes: Springer Nature, JAMA Network, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, Brill, IOP Publishing, American Welding Society, ASTM, SAE International, ASME, The Royal Society.



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