Introducing the Open Library Foundation

Time: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 11:00AM Eastern U.S. Standard Time / 1600 GMT
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The Open Library Foundation is a non-profit organization (U.S.-based 501©3) that serves as an administrative and collaborative home for open source projects in the library ecosystem. In addition to providing intrinsic value as a place for collaboration, incubation and networking, it’s capabilities exist to support the operation and sustainability of open source software development. Join its Managing Director, Ginny Boyer, to learn more about the capabilities of the Foundation, it’s mission and focus, and its work over the last year. In addition to a basic primer on the Foundation, you will hear about its current communities of practice and its recruitment goals for the coming year. The OLF is a place for innovation and building an ecosystem of tools and capabilities that will shift the library technology landscape. Join us to learn how you can get involved and support this growing community!




Eric Hartnett
Director of Electronic Resources
Texas A&M University Libraries

(979) 845.0797