Hello Diana,


Are you aware of Cabells Scholarly Analytics who recently announced the following?


Continuing our efforts to support and advocate for the academic community, our resources will function identically as before the changes, but look for the term “Journalytics” in place of “whitelist” and “Predatory Reports” in place of “blacklist.”




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Hello all,


An issue has come up that I am hoping others in this group may have encountered and may be able to bring some wisdom to. I am a member of a working group for AVSL (the Association for Vision Science Librarians) that reviews journals and builds on a list of non-predatory vision journals, currently named the AVSL Whitelist. In light of recent discussions of racism and the reality that language matters, we are in the process of renaming our group and the list we create. I've seen discussions of whether or not the terms whitelist and blacklist are acceptable. We have gone beyond that and just want to replace the names with something that clearly describes our list. 


We're trying to avoid the terms predatory and non-predatory as we do not include journals that have been published for less than 2 years, and we also acknowledge that some journals that fail certain standards of publication may do so out of lack of experience rather than predatory practice. We have also excluded the terms naughty and nice.


Is anyone else struggling with this terminology and does anyone have any suggestions? Any input would be appreciated.


Thank you,


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