microform cabinets Lynne Stevens 03 Jun 2003 16:35 UTC

Hi, Folks --

I'm considering getting some type of dollies to keep under the microform
cabinets.  We have a wall that leaks and the carpet under the cabinets
gets wet, requiring college maintenance staff to come to move them out
and move them back every time this happens.  Keeping a dolly under each
one would also keep them raised up off the carpet.

So:  Does anyone have a better idea?  (No, there isn't really another
good place to put them.)  Have any of you tried this solution, and, if
so, what kind of dolly did you get?  Anyone know how much a fully loaded
fiche or film cabinet weighs?  (Dollies in the industrial equipment
catalog are priced by the weight they support.)

P.S.  Sorry for any duplication.  I'm sending this inquiry to both
libsup and SERIALST.

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