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ALA/CLA Annual Conference Attendees:

Please join us for the following program, open to all.

Creating Change: Best Practices in Campus Advocacy
Sat., Jun. 21
4:30 - 6:00 pm
Delta Chelsea
Rosetti Room

Librarians increasingly understand the need to create change in scholarly
communications.  The challenge now is to engage faculty and administrators
in adopting policies and practices that bring about change.  In this
lively forum, librarians and faculty members will discuss their own
experiences in deploying campus advocacy initiatives.  Join us and gather
practical ideas on how to launch your own successful program.


Julia Blixrud, Assistant Director, Public Program, SPARC,


Randall Ward, Chemistry Librarian, Brigham Young University

Joyce Ogburn, Associate Director of Libraries, University of Washington

Leslie Chan, Associate Director, Bioline International, University of

Christian Zimmerman, Associate Professor of Economics, University of

Also on the program, a brief update on Public Library of Science, from Amy
Kautzman, Head, Research, Reference and Collections, University of

No RSVP required.


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