CQ almanac plus Paula Coulthard 24 Jul 2003 14:15 UTC


I have a question regarding the title: Congressional quarterly almanac.
Last year, the cover and spine changed to "Congressional quarterly almanac
plus" and the title page changed to "CQ ... almanac plus".
OCLC record #1564784 was modifed by the addition of an added title: 246 1_
|i Vol. for 2001 has title: |a CQ ... almanac plus
OCLC record #50470714 was input in Aug. 2002 with 245 00  CQ almanac plus.
This record has been reported for deletion: RECORD REPORTED FOR
DELETION--USE #1564784

This year, the publication appears as in 2001.  The title page has CQ
almanac plus.

I understand that because of the changes in what is considered a title
change, the switch from Congressional Quarterly to CQ would be considered
minor and so no title change.  But is the addition of the word "plus" at the
end of the title also considered minor?  I still thought a change in the
first 5 words (except for minor changes) was considered a major change and
qualified as a title change.   So the original title is "Congressional
Quarterly almanac" and the new title would be "CQ ... almanac plus"  and the
title would be considered changed because of the addition of a new word
within the first 5 words of the title.

I would have used OCLC record #50470714, except it was reported for
deletion.  Should this be reconsidered?


Paula Coulthard
LA IV, Cataloging Dept.
Rod Library, UNI
Cedar Falls, IA 50613