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Hi Pat,

Your concerns are valid. The points to consider are 1.) the popularity of
the title; 2.) usage of the older issues vs. the more current issues; and
3.) how costly are the strips to use.

My thoughts are to strip the more current issues (two/three years) but not
every one (every third/fifth issue).

Hope this helps.
Sharon Wieczorek
Serials Supervisor
Mercyhurst College
Hammermill Library
Erie, PA 16546

"Fazio, Patricia" wrote:

>  If your library acquired back runs of several hundred serials titles,
> almost all of which are not bound, would you security strip each issue?
> Most of these titles have runs from the 1970's to 2001.  ( I will only keep
> titles which are  not available in full text from our database aggregators.)
> There will still be many, many titles left, and I am trying to decide if I
> should security strip them. Security strips, apparently, are expensive.  My
> inclination is to not security strip them.   I don't think today's students
> will use these back years that much anyway.  Even if they did, stripping
> them won't prevent issues from getting 'lost' in the library, leaving gaps
> in our runs.
>  We plan to hire students to cover prior library markings with our library
> name, verify the holdings dates, then file the issues in boxes and put them
> on the shelves. Of course,  we will also need to shift our periodicals to
> make room for the new ones. Plus our serials assistant will need to update
> our holdings info in our OPAC and alert our cataloger that we need a bib
> record for each new serial title.
> P.S. - yes, these were security stripped by the previous library, but their
> strips don't work with our system.
>  I'd appreciate hearing what other librarians think.  Am I being cheap in
> not wanting to security strip these things?
>  Please reply to me:  pfazio@camdencc.edu
>  If others are interested, I can forward a summary.
>  Patricia Fazio
> Collection Development Librarian
> Wolverton Library
> Camden County College
> Blackwood, NJ 08012
> (pfazio@camdencc.edu