Re: Scam alert: Watch out for phone calls from "Mrs. Larson"/American Directory Listing Rick Anderson 17 Dec 2004 20:19 UTC

> My first reaction would be to ask "Mrs. Larson" to send (fax) me a copy
> of the fax in question so that I could check what it was about before
> proceeding to take any action about it. I would think that if she were
> unable to send a fax of the fax that that would end the
> conversation right there.

In this case, her stock answer to such questions was "I'll explain all
of this to your attorney."

> Furthermore, in any kind of legal action,
> THEIR legal counsel talks to YOUR legal counsel

Yes, this is a major tip-off.  If she really wanted to talk to our
university's attorney, why was she contacting me?  It would be much
easier and quicker for her to simply call the university's
administrative office.  (The answer, of course, is that she had no
interest in talking to our attorney; she was hoping to scare me into
giving her money.)

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