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Hi all,

I can do a quick summary of the information that was shared on the list
concerning the above topic.  I thought it was interesting that there
were more requests for summarizing and sharing the information than
there were responses to the original question.  I think this reflects
the fact that we are all looking for answers during this transitional
time to more electronic resources in serials.  Isn't it fun being a
serials librarian these days?

One respondent shared the following link:  This is a
website maintained by Adam Chandler (Cornell University) and Tim Jewell
(University of Washington), both of whom serve on the DLF (Digital
Library Federation) Electronic Resource Management Initiative Group.
The site includes information on commercial solutions to electronic
resource management.  It also has the report of the DLF initiative which
includes detailed workflow charts that illustrate the workflow lifecycle
of a serial in it's entirety.  There we other links that didn't seem as
pertinent to my question - but all interesting information.

Another respondent included a document that described their
restructuring to ensure cross-training and to spread the workload around
as they move to more electronic resources.  I will consider doing
something similar as I work with staff here to incorporate more
electronic resources.  The document can be found at:
lows.html  One thing I like about the document is that it begins with a
charge and defines what they hope to achieve through the restructuring.
In other words, they are looking at the entire system and how to bring
everyone forward.

A final respondent shared the electronic journals processing slip that
they use for electronic resources.  She graciously shared it with anyone
who wanted a copy.

I think that's about it.  Thanks for everyone who shared and hope to see
you all at NASIG to share more ideas about how to manage all this stuff.


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 Hi, did you get responses on this that you would be willing to share?
I didn't see much on the list.  (Hope I didn't doze thru it! ;-)


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Hi all,

Just wondering if there is anyone who is dealing with the revision of
workflow due to a move toward a more robust electronic journal
collection and a dwindling print collection?  I'll take either anecdotal
information or if you have it formalized in a workflow chart that would
be super.  Also, any advice on how to make the move smoothly and, maybe
more importantly, how are you keeping track of all those titles?  Do you
use a commercial product like Ex Libris' Verde or other - what homegrown
solutions are workable?


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