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Re: Ingenta problems Laurel Sanders 04 May 2005 14:58 UTC

Re: Ingenta problems Laurel Sanders 04 May 2005 14:58 UTC

Well, I may be wrong; I forget just when Ingenta originally meant to bring
the site up permanently, but I know they missed the mark by quite a bit--
they had to take it down for a while when they had problems with the new
site.  Meantime, the year changed.  Some of the publishers to whose journals
we hold subscriptions moved their titles out of Ingenta altogether.  There's
archival material still there in some cases, but no 2005 issues.  I had so
much to do in there, I just went ahead and changed all our links, figuring
that eventually (no matter what they said) the old links wouldn't be good.
And, at the turn of the subscription year, some publishers do require one to
re-register, so it may be that kind of situation I'm remembering; but-- I
still think that, early on, though they said there was no need to change
one's links, there was an instruction on re-activating one's transferred


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At 01:54 PM 5/3/2005, Laurel wrote:
>... I seem to remember the Ingenta site instructing me to re-register
>my Ingenta journals once I'd transferred to IngentaConnect.
>Did everyone who can't access 2005 content take care of that detail?

If that were true, ALL my Ingenta journals should be kaput, not just a
significant bunch.  And I do remember a message about the new platform and
registering your subscriptions; I thought it said that if you have already
registered, it was not necessary to re-register.  (Maybe one of us can
actually find that message ... but it's kinda late now, and I think I'll go
home instead.)  Anyway, did you re-register your journals? and you're
having no problems now?  I'm a bit confused as to how you did that; I tried
that with one of my titles that cut off with 2004, and it wouldn't let me
enter a number.  But, oh, Ingenta is such a miserable, un-user-friendly
site anyway.  Always has been, and now I think they've made it worse.  SW

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