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Thanks for the advice.  We're still looking into "free" options
(donations from local companies), but we might go with USS for a year to
see how it goes.


>>> maysap@MILLSAPS.EDU 5/3/2005 10:41:07 AM >>>

I get duplicates of Time, Newsweek and USNWR but for a different reason.
It's to keep a current copy on the shelf while they're being bound; also
if the copy on the shelf goes missing, we have a duplicate. We keep the
dups down in our Tech Services area, makes it really easy come time for

Sounds like an okay idea to me, as long as you can afford it. Sorry, I
don't know about USS; I just get mine from Ebsco. You could try it for a
year and see how it goes.

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My director is thinking of buying extra subscriptions to several
popular titles and scattering them around the "lounging" areas of the
library to increase readership and keep the browsers happy.  We would
keep one subscription as an archival copy since many of these issues
will undoubtedly go missing.  Has anyone done this and run into
with it?

Has anyone out there done library business with University Subscription
Services?  They're significantly cheaper than vendor prices for many of
the popular titles.  Would there be any big advantage to getting these
titles through our regular vendor (we use EBSCO) and just paying the
$30-$50 extra for each title?  Any advice you could give me would be very
welcome.  Thanks in advance.


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