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Re: How do you inform patrons of your electronic journal holdings? Daniel Jones 23 May 2005 14:08 UTC

Re: How do you inform patrons of your electronic journal holdings? Daniel Jones 23 May 2005 14:08 UTC

Here is how we inform our users:

1.      We have Voyager.  We put information for each paid e-journal
subscription in Voyager.  We use the same bib record for both print and
online holdings. We add a holding record for online versions of a journal.
Following are examples of the holdings records in Voyager


852 0 _ |b ONLINE
866 3 0 |8 0 |a v. 11-, 1995-

852 0 _ |b ONLINE
856 0 4 |u http://arjournals.annualreviews.org/loi/cellbio |z Online access
v. 12-, 1996-.

2.      We have a program that twice a day harvests the ONLINE holdings
information from Voyager and produces an A-Z list of e-journals on our web
site.   Following is an example of the entry on our E-journal list for the
above title:

Annual review of cell and developmental biology.
Online access v. 12-, 1996- [this is hotlinked to the URL for the title]

3.      We send an irregular newsletter to our scientists that announces
changes and additions to the E-journal list.

4.      We also have the 1Cate link resolver and all paid subscriptions,
plus a variety of open access/free journals (DOAJ, HighWire free journals,
PubMed Central journals, etc.) appear on that list, and we have enabled
OpenURL-linking in PubMed, Web of Knowledge databases (Web of Science,
BIOSIS, PsycINFO), and Google Scholar for all the journals in the 1Cate

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Hello all,

We are once again considering how best to manage our e-journal holdings
information. I am curious about how other libraries handle this task. Do you
and/or your staff manually review and update the holdings information in
your catalog? Do you use an automated system such as MARCit to put the
information in bib records in your catalog? How about generating an A to Z
journal listing using SFX that gives availability information? Are there
other possible alternatives that I have not considered? I appreciate any and
all helpful hints.

Thank you for your feedback. It will help us make a more informed decision.
I will provide a summary of responses to the list.

Best regards,

Amanda Zeigler
Serials Librarian
Technical Library
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