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We stored about 7,000 journal volumes off site.  They were selected
based on having dependable online access to the same years.  Most were
titles available in JSTOR.  We annotated our holdings record by adding a
text note to the holdings records.  After a long discussion, we decided
not to change the location code on the holdings record, mainly because
we planned to move them back to the collection after our new addition
was complete.  We did not touch individual item records.  Our stored
volumes were not available for retrieval.

Here's a sample where current volumes remained in the library, while
earlier one were in storage.  The 035 was used to annotate date sent to
storage (June 21, 2000), and box numbers of the stored volumes (boxes

035/1:  : |a (FJUNF)storage20000621*P83-P88
899/1:  : |a v.1-v.74 (1916-1989) Not available: in storage
899/3:  : |a v.75-v.85 (1990-2000) Available; on shelf
899/4:  : |a Index: v.1-v.53 (1916-1968) Not available: in storage
899/5:  : |a Note: v.70-v.71 not published

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	We are currently keeping our older journals and books in an
off-site storage facility, they are still available for circulation, and
it just takes a few days for us to retrieve them. Some questions have
come up, and I would like to get the input from the "compendium of all
human knowledge".

1.	How many of you are currently using an off-site storage facility
for back issues of journals or books?
2.	What are some of the criteria you use to decide an item or items
is moved there?
3.	Do you reflect the move in your holdings?
4.	Are you using split holdings?
5.	Are you utilizing the 852 field in any way?
6.	Any other comments/advice would be helpful.

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