Re: Workflow redesign for electronic resources and serials Sandhya Srivastava 07 Oct 2005 21:04 UTC

Dear Birdie

At ALA ALCTS SS presented a program entitled * Innovations in E-Journals
Management.  There were four presenters and you can find their
presentations on the ALCTS website.  Emily McElroy, Patricia Loghry,
Robert Alan, and Norm Medeiros were the presenters and they have
documented their changes in workflow.

Sandhya Srivastava

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>>> bmaclenn@UVM.EDU 10/7/2005 4:48 PM >>>

I'm looking for organizational workflow for medium-sized academic
institutions that have recently redesigned or reorganized their
serials sections to account for new workflow/impact of electronic
resources -- that is, both e-journals and integrating resources.  I
have followed various discussions on SERIALST about decisions to stop
doing various things in the print workflow (e.g., serials check-in) to
devote more time to electronic resources (e.g., URL maintenance,
licensing, negotiation, record keeping, ERM, etc.)

Is there anyone who would be willing to share organizational charts,
workflow plans, etc.?  We are planning on transferring most of our print
subscriptions to electronic in the coming months, which will have a major
impact on folks doing check-in.  In light of these developments (I know we
aren't the first!) I'm interested in hearing stories from others about how
you have re-done your workflow (extreme makeover?  slight shifts?) to
redeploy check-in staff in the area of e-resource maintenance.

I'd also like to know if folks are dividing workflow between e-journals
and integrating resources (i.e., databases, websites, etc.).  Is this
workflow being handled by the same staff, or by different units?

Please feel free to share your response(s) with the list, though if you're
feeling timid and want to send a personal response, I'll be happy to
summarize to the list at some point.

Thanks in advance for any help,

	Birdie MacLennan
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