Re: Selling Microfilm & Bound Periodicals Rose Marie Parsons 21 Oct 2005 15:12 UTC


Periodicals Service Company [ ] and Kuperus [ ] sometimes purchase back runs fo bound

Earlier this month I received the following email from Vicki Gausland [ ] when I inquired about Absolute/East Coast
Exchange's interest in a title we were withdrawing: "We do, however, have
a suggestion that may help you withdraw this title and help a library
affected by the recent hurricanes.  Absolute is establishing a link on our
website where those wishing to donate and those wishing to search for
items needed will be given a logon to post or request the specific items.
Please check back in a few week to learn more of the specifics.  In the
meantime, you can learn more regarding our recovery efforts, by visiting
our ."

Rose Marie Parsons
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>>> Angus@RMU.EDU 10/21/05 7:33 AM >>>

We're a medium sized academic library with 2 library locations.  I'm in
the midst of consolidating our periodical and microfilm collections.
We'll have a large quantity of microfilm and bound peridicals to dispose
of shortly. I'm talking about 30 to 40 years of bound periodicals and runs
of microfilm like the NYTimes back to 1900.  I know there was some
discussion about Alper's demise but is there anyone else out there for
microfilm?  Does Zubal and Jaeger still purchase back runs of bound
periodicals.  Any help pointing me in the right direction would be most
appreciated.  The thoughts of filling up a landfill give me the chills.

Henrietta Angus
Head, Acquisitions Dept
Robert Morris University Library
Moon Township PA 15108