Fwd: Recommendations from Operations meetings Renette Davis 01 May 2006 15:03 UTC

I have seen several comments on various email lists asking whether PCC can
"do anything" about LC's decision regarding series, so thought I would
share these recommendations which were made at the joint CONSER and BIBCO
Operations Meeting last Friday.


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>Subject: Recommendations from Operations meetings
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>The BIBCO and CONSER Operations Committees met jointly last week and voted
>to make the following recommendations to the PCC Policy Committee:
>The BIBCO and CONSER Operations Committees recommend to the PCC Policy
>1) That it officially communicate to the Library of Congress the concerns
>that have arisen on our email lists and in discussion at our meetings
>about LCs new series policy
>2) That the PCC evaluate series practices in the following areas:
>         1. Simplify series authority creation and documentation to support
>it. Areas that should be covered include:
>                 a. Bib maintenance
>                 b. Unambiguous distinction of strong vs weak series
>                 c.Selcted series authority control or total
>         2. Assess importance of series authority control
>         3. Cost benefit analysis of both original series control work and
> copy
>         4. Establish a discrete time frame for this evaluation process
>Les Hawkins
>CONSER Coordinator
>Library of Congress
>Washington, DC
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