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Re: Storing microfilm Frank Sadowski 02 May 2006 13:11 UTC

Re: Storing microfilm Frank Sadowski 02 May 2006 13:11 UTC


Why do you store microfilm on shelves?  It strikes me as a very inefficient waste of space.  Ours are stored in microfilm cabinets, and you can imagine our shelving problem if we stored them on shelves, since we have 130 cabinets of microfilm.  I might point out that cabinets are available in both the standard file cabinet style and in the lateral file style, with the latter only 18 inches deep.  And, if they're in a cabinet, dusting and cleaning isn't a problem.

To answer your actual question, all our microfilms except current subscriptions are stored by call number, although our call numbers for new film are actually accession numbers (e.g.: 2006.1).  And we do barcode them.
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We have had over 1000 reels of microfilm added through a history grant over
the last two years.

Initially we put them on the shelves alphabetical by title as all other
serials are currently arranged in our room. However,
we have these particular films barcoded and a call number assigned so they
can be scanned into in-house use before
reshelving, thus allowing us stats on this collection.

I am in the process of purchasing storage boxes that hold 5 or 8 reels of
film, so that titles with multiple pieces can be
boxed and stored more neatly on the shelves.  I have two debates going with
other staff :

1. Leave the title arrangement or rearrange by call number.  ( We do have
students who wonder why the film is not by call number
since there is one in the catalog. )

2. If we rearrange by call number, would it make since to put multiple
titles in a storage box ?  We have many titles that have only
one reel, or just two.  Rather than have so many loose reels I wanted to
combine a range of call numbers in a box.  That way
everything is in a box on the shelves.  (Easier for moving and cleaning

What are others doing ?  How are microfilm collections stored in your
library ?  Have you encountered problems with any of the above
methods ?

Thanks for your input.  Your advice is appreciated.

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