newspaper request Edwardsjohnson, Adri 31 May 2006 16:42 UTC

Apologies for cross postings -

Hello All!

  I have a request from a patron that is a little hard to fill out here
in western Oklahoma.  I need to locate an actual newspaper from
Madagascar.  Not a facsimile, reproduction, online or other such entity
- but the real live thing.  Don't need a particular title or date just
needs to be a newspaper from Madagascar.  Anyone happen to have one
lying around that you don't need any longer and would be able to send
our way?  Of course any additional help you could provide would be
greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Adriana Edwards-Johnson

Serials, E-Collections, & Technical Processes Librarian

Al Harris Library

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

100 Campus Drive

Weatherford, OK 73096