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I would also be interested to know the reasons to support it.

We have a couple of direct links for patrons to search entire series,
and if these ceased to be authority-controlled, we'd go from having a
nice clean browseable list of topics to an ugly back-and-forth mess of
confusingly similar names for some members of the series, that would
ruin the nice alphabetical browse.
To see this for yourself, go to our page:
and try out the two links at the top for Information Series on Current
Topics, and Opposing Viewpoints. We provide these primarily for students
who have to write a "hot topic" paper but are having trouble choosing a
topic at all.

Try clicking on the Info Series one. Then imagine if Gale made some very
minor series title change or even cover typo and no authority control
was done. The user would first be presented with a sub-list of the
variant titles, with the number of books associated with each on the
right. Patrons couldn't easily browse the alpha list as they do now
because they'd have to navigate up and down among the variant series
titles to see all the lists of associated titles. Our system is III, by
the way.

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I'd be curious to know how many people DO support LC's decision and the
reason's why. So I hope that a petition is set up as well, but I'd want
it to have the added explanatory notes. The reasons that people DON'T
support the decision seem to have been discussed enough on other lists,



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Rick Anderson wrote:

>Several people have helpfully responded with a link to the online
>petition opposing LC's abandonment of subject authority work.  But what

>I'm actually hoping exists is a petition SUPPORTING LC's decision, not
>opposing it.  Other responses indicate that no one has set up such a
>petition yet.
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>>Our senior cataloger forwarded this yesterday:
>>To access the petition:
>>At 12:13 PM 5/1/2006, you wrote:
>>>Does anyone know whether there's an online petition
>>available to those
>>>who want to express support for LC in this decision?  Some
>>of us think
>>>it's the most rational thing LC has done in years...
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