Re: daily newspapers Jill Brungardt 10 May 2006 03:14 UTC

Hi everyone,

At our library, we used to check in ALL the newspapers we received. But
within the last year, I changed that. We only check in the newspapers (
or what we classify as newspapers ) that have a V. and NO.  I found that
on the daily papers, I was spending a lot of time deleting holdings
because we only keep most of them for 4 months. Since I am the person
who does the checking in, and claiming, I know when we do not get a
paper. It saves time for us.
Just another 2 cents...

Jill Brungardt
Collins Library
Baker University

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I just returned from the excellent NASIG conference in Denver and in the
midst of the excitement forgot to ask attendees the question my bosses
sent me to ask: does anybody electronically check-in daily newspapers,
either print or e-versions? we are trying to figure out if this is
something that would be worth doing at all of our 75 library branches or
if it is completely impractical. Thanks for any responses.

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