Change of email addresses for the European Commission from 9th Ma y 2006 Carol Bream 10 May 2006 06:45 UTC

Please note that from 9th May the e-mail addresses of the European
Commission will  change.
will change to

Until summer 2006 outgoing mails will continue to show the old mail address
as the "originating" address
All mails sent to the old e-mail addresses will continue to be delivered
correctly until May 2007 at which point the old addresses will become

Please change my e-mail address to
with effect from 9th May 2006

Thanks in advance


Carol Bream
Aleph System Librarian/Réseaubib Service Manager
Central Library
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels

* +32-2-295.29 80 (direct phone)
* +32-2-299.98.17 (fax)