Re: Atlantic and Atlantic Monthly Radmilla Dajkovich-Graham 17 May 2006 14:15 UTC

Hello, I would say that is the case.  Mark record indicates the

 245 00 Atlantic.
 246 3  Atlantic monthly
 247 10 Atlantic monthly$fVol. 272, no. 5 (Nov. 1993)-v.292, no. 5
(Dec. 2003)

I think you would be safe if you call it Atlantic

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>>> bpope@PITTSTATE.EDU 05/16 12:23 pm >>>
Hello.  I am in the process of creating holdings for older bound and
microfilm volumes that are in my library.  We have bound volumes of
Atlantic and Atlantic Monthly.  The Worldcat record # 1580813 for the
Atlantic says the range of years it was published was 1932-1971.  But I

have the physical volumes from 1932-1948 that actually have the title
Atlantic Monthly.   I also have bound and microfilm from 1949-1971 that

have the title Atlantic.  Is this one of the cataloging rules about
where the title did not change significantly, so they did not create a

new record?

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