HECKMAN/ICI Problems Genest, Sylvia 25 May 2006 14:09 UTC

Are others still having problems with Heckman/ICI?

We use Heckman (out of Indiana) and have had poor service and quality
for the past year.  In the last quarter of 2005, production and
distribution were outrageously poor, and miscommunication and/or no
communication led me to believe the company was taking its last breath.
Since January and the merger, distribution has come back, thank
goodness, but the error rate is 10%, items are missing from shipments,
and the CSRs don't know their left hands from their right - often
telling us that errors are due to our miscoding or special requirements,
vs. their poor quality of work or inconsistent information.

Yet, we have asked since last October for training in ABLE (we have 2
new staff), or at least a visit from a representative, and no one can
make it.  Their only offer is for us to travel 6 hours one way to their
facility.  We finally found one employee, a tech person, who makes sense
- but we got to her via another university through their ICI rep, who
eventually led us to her.

I'm tired of spending excessive staff time working around their chaotic
operations, in order to get about 120 items/month bound.

What are others doing?  Thank you for your time.

Sylvia A. Genest

Team Leader

Catalog Maintenance

Eastern Kentucky University Libraries

Crabbe #203

(859) 622-1783