Re: Local Holdings for multiformat holdings Ian Woodward 04 Dec 2006 13:43 UTC

Our institution also made use of Passport to display the sum of print
and microtext holdings, indicating the microtext holdings in note fields
in accordance with an approved format.   With the transition to
Connexion and MARC holdings format, the notes we had previously entered
to indicate microtext holdings were deposited in the 852 or 866 fields
according to variations in features of said text that are obscure to me.
I was advised by instructors at Nylink that the public note subfield
($z) of the 852 field is now an appropriate location to report one's
microtext holdings, but that the sum of print and microtext holdings
should be reported in the Summary Field.  However, they did say that
microtext holdings as reported in the note fields in Passport did not
make their way to the Summary Field in Connexion, and that no mass
retrospective repair project should be undertaken by libraries as a fix
was in production.

One point that was left obscure to me, and that concerns the 007 field.
They were very clear that the 007/00 should not be set to indicate
"microform" unless the bibliographic record unless the 300 field
indicated that the bibliographic record was constructed to describe
microtext.  However, the 007/00 can be set at "unspecified", and, that
having been done, the 007/01 can be set at 'multiple physical formats'.
Does anyone know under what circumstances these options are intended to
be used?  IW

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