Duel publication question Blackwell, Lisa 06 Dec 2006 16:42 UTC

I know that the issue of publishers reprinting articles in several journals has been discussed on this list (I believe most recently by Phil Davis on Emerald in 2005). I have a researcher who has just approached me about how to handle a situation where an article that she submitted to a SAGE publication has just appeared in PubMED as an online ahead of print and almost simultaneously the citation appeared in PubMED from another of the publisher's journals. She is receiving calls from colleagues accusing her of submitting her article to multiple publications. I have advised her to contact the journals Editorial Director at SAGE. Has anyone else encountered this situation? If so, was the author successful in getting the publisher to withdraw the article from the journal to which he/she did not submit? This does not appear to be a case where the publisher informed the author at any time that republication was a right that they might exercise. Comments on this issue?

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