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Date: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 1:08 PM -0800
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Subject: FW: SAGE response to question of republication

Message edited very slightly before posting-- SERIALST ed.

This is a response from SAGE to the issue raised earlier today by
Lisa Blackwell regarding potential dual publication of an article
in SAGE journals. We're grateful to Lisa for bringing this to our
attention since we have strict internal guidelines and procedures
to guard against republication. Having looked into this case, I can
assure you that this was not a case of SAGE republishing this
paper, but was rather a technical error which we have already taken
steps to rectify.

Some Publish Ahead of Print papers for our journal American Journal
of Sports Medicine were erroneously also listed on the Publish
Ahead of Print page of our Health Education and Behavior journal.
Our internal checks had recently picked up this error for four
affected papers, but the paper by the affected author was
unfortunately not caught. This error only affected a limited number
of papers,
and only those that were Publish Ahead of Print (not the final
output, or the final hardcopy). As soon as possible (in the next 24
hours) we will be removing this PDF from our Health Education and
Behavior site and will place a notice on the website explaining the
error and directing readers to the correct location on the American
Journal of Sports Medicine site.

We apologize for this situation, and in particular we apologize if
it has caused the author any embarrassment. This error should not
happen again.


Alison Mudditt

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