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We have recently changed our policy to not stamp each pocket part in big =
set.  We stamp only the first one; e.g.  if pocket parts are for v. 1-20, =
we will only stamp it for v.1.  It saves lot of time. We have too many big =
sets with pocket parts.  The date of the pocket part is almost always on =
cover, so one can see the currency of the pocket part.  In addition, there =
is check-in record and if p-p are late, we find out through claim report.  =
If it is one or two volume treatise, we put check-in labels on p-p.

For us the main issue was property stamp, not the date received.  We used =
to put check-in label (inlcudes library's name, collection, title, issue =
no, year, date rec'd) on the first pocket part and property stamp on rest =
of them.  We decided if by chance we do loose a pocket part, we can always =
get replacement from publisher.  It rarely happens though!


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>>> Melissa Ewing <ewingme@COOLEY.EDU> 7/14/2010 1:52 PM >>>
To all the law libraries out there: When you check-in pocket parts, do you =
property stamp each piece or just put them in the books "as is?"
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