Restructuring Online Tiers/Pricing Changes Daniel Reiss 06 May 2014 02:57 UTC

Hello all,

I’m writing on behalf of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, a not-for-profit association and global voluntary consensus standards developing organization.  Among other professional services, AOAC publishes a renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal; the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL as well as the Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.  Each are offered in both print and online editions.

I’m posting in this forum in an attempt to gauge the potential reaction to an upcoming change in our tiers and pricing for access to our online content.

To date we offer annual subscription to online content via essentially 3 tiers of license: individual use-only, small or single-site shared access, and everything else.  "Everything else" essentially means anything goes; universal access is permitted among all authorized users.  Multinational organizations, public libraries, academic institutions and multi-site institutions all fall under this category under our existing pricing structure.  We are hoping to more clearly define and more fairly price/value our product for our "everything else" subscribers.  This change is to be implemented by 2015.  Subscribers to be notified around June 1.

Through this forum I'm hoping to obtain some insight as to others' experiences with (or reaction to) implementation of the following:

Publisher's creation of additional tiers/price points and re-categorizing existing subscribers.
Price increase of 20% or more for the top tier, affecting the biggest users
Issues with reseller agencies?
Other questions or factors worth considering?

Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.

Kind regards,


Daniel Reiss
Customer Service Coordinator
Tel:  1 (800) 379-2622 ext 112 (Toll Free North America)
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