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Dear Customers and Vendor Partners,

Duke University Press journals and books content in the humanities and social sciences will move to a new platform on November 20. To understand how this change will impact you, please take a moment to review the list of FAQs below. We will continue to update this information on our website ( as it gets closer to our launch date.

Content Platform Migration Milestones

     Mid-October: Checklist for librarians
     November 1: HighWire admin site lockdown
     November 20: Launch
     Mid-December: November usage available
     December 31: HighWire usage no longer available after this date

At launch, books move from HighWire to Silverchair at Journals move from HighWire at to Silverchair at

The information below is subject to change. Sign up to get email updates and review the most current information at

What does “November 1: HighWire admin site lockdown” mean above?
We will be moving your contact and IP address information into the new system in November. Any changes made in HighWire (current platform) after November 1 will not appear in Silverchair (new platform) at launch on November 20, 2017.

The HighWire admin site will be available to you until December 31, 2017, so that you can pull your usage. As of January 1, 2018, you will no longer have access to the HighWire admin site.

When will the migration take effect (the new site launches and the old site goes down)?
November 20, 2017. Time to be determined.

Where and when can I access the new content site?
The new site will be hosted at and available to users on November 20, 2017.

What content is affected by the platform change?
Journal and book content in the humanities and social sciences that is currently hosted on the HighWire platform at and will be available at on the Silverchair platform on November 20 (time to be determined). Mathematics content, hosted on, and the Carlyle Letters Online (, hosted by the University of South Carolina, will not be affected.

What do I do if my library loses access during the transition?
Please contact Sending questions to this address allows us to efficiently track and provide answers to your questions, making sure we direct your questions appropriately.

Will my institution have access to both platforms simultaneously?
No. The existing content URLs will redirect to the new platform at launch. This redirect process takes a short time to complete. Once that has happened, you will be unable to access the old platform.

Will the URLs change? When will they be available?
Yes, the URLs for the journal landing pages will change. All URLs on the retired platform will redirect to the new platform. Here is a list of the old and new URLs for each journal landing page, which we call the Journal URL Crosswalk (
The book URL within the MARC record provided by Duke University Press is the book’s DOI and will not change. These book URLs will automatically resolve to the book webpages on the new site.

The book title-based URLs that a user sees now are generated by the current vendor (HighWire). This URL will automatically redirect to URLs generated by our new vendor (Silverchair).

I have multiple administrative accounts on HighWire for Duke University Press content. Will this change on the new platform?
Yes. There will be one user account for all of your institutional holdings. We will ask you to review your account at launch and make any necessary changes.

Will I have the same Duke University Press account number?
No. You will receive your institution's new Duke University Press account number along with information on how to access the new administration site.

Will my platform administrator username and password change?
Yes. We will be contacting library account administrators with instructions on how to sign in and update your account.

What is available through my library administration account?
You will be able to update your contact information and IP addresses, and you will be able to pull usage statistics.

Will all of the book and journal content be available on the new platform when it launches in late November?
Yes, 100% of our content will be available on the new platform at launch. We are not migrating in stages.

Will my usage statistics for Duke content hosted on the HighWire platform be available on the new Silverchair platform?
No. Usage from HighWire will not migrate to the new platform. You will need to pull all of your historical usage statistics from HighWire by December 31, 2017. Usage from Silverchair will be available starting November 1, 2017. You will need to pull November 2017 usage from both HighWire and Silverchair.

What happens if the migration timeline is delayed?
The information we have provided is up to date. If the timeline changes, we will update this page and be in contact with account administrators.

What do I need to do right now?
1.	Sign up for our mailing list.
2.	Before November 1, 2017, verify that your institution's library administrator email address in HighWire is accurate. (If you haven’t already, consider using a generic admin email address and password for the entire IP range for your institution to ensure that current staff receive up-to-date information.)
3.	Download your historical usage statistics.

More information will be available in the weeks to come. You can find these questions and answers online at And you can always email us at

Kim Steinle
Library Relations and Sales Manager


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