Re: Re: Law serials in your library Carol Schaafsma 28 Nov 1990 10:00 UTC

Hi Terry!  Good to hear from you.  I only have to cope with a new phone
system and CARL at the same time.  Our new building is still in the planning
stages.  However, yes, library life is grand!  I'll look forward to sharing
notes/frustrations/whatever through the miracles of modern science!

We have built check-in grids for 4650 records as of Nov. 23 (the last date
for which I have stats) and add new ones daily.  Also we've entered about 200
monographic standing orders through the Acquisitions Module.  The periodicals
stuff is great and while there are always problems (wait till you meet the
various seasons of the year in the southern hemisphere!) they are really sort
of fun to figure out.  It's the non-periodicals that will kill us.

We are doing dual check-in right now, mostly because our public service desk
doesn't have access to CARL check-in records yet and the paper records are
required to help patrons there.  Come Jan.2 we will have access to CARL
check-in at the desk and we will probably drop the dual check-in at that

Keep in touch and let me know how things are going with you and CARL.  Out
here---the love/hate relationship flourishes!