Re: Internet Access to SMU's online public access catalog (opac) serials 03 Feb 1991 19:55 UTC



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> Subject:      Internet Access to SMU's online public access catalog (opac)
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> With apologies to those of you on multiple lists, Southern Methodist
> University Libraries have authorized the Bradfield Computer Center to
> support Internet access to the online public access catalog (OPAC).
> Below is a summary statement on content, access instructions and key
> contacts for assistance.
> *****
>   SMU is announcing the availability of PONI via the Internet.
> PONI (Public ONline Information) is the name for our NOTIS library
> public catalog system.  The PONI catalog contains over one
> million bibliographic entries including over 185,000 U.S. government
> documents.  SMU has completely converted the shelflist records for
> all campus libraries:  Central Libraries, Underwood Law Library,
> Bridwell [Theology] Library, and the Business Information Center.
> Central libraries include Media Services, Special Collections in the
> Degolyer Library, ISEM Reading Room [Institute for the Study of Earth
> and Man], undergraduate/graduate collections in Fondren Library,
> Science Information Center and Hamon Arts Library.
>   PONI's Internet address is  You must use TN3270 to
> access PONI.  Instructions for using PONI are clearly described in
> the introductory and help screens.  PONI is available Monday - Saturday
> from 7:30 am to 2 am and from Noon Sunday to 2 am Monday, Central Time.
>   Once you get access to our distinctive sign-on screen, enter PONI.
> Then clear the CICS "good morning" message and enter LUSM.  To exit
> from PONI press clear twice and enter CSSF LOGOFF.  This should dis-
> connect your session.  If you have problems making connections call
> for computer center help at (214) 692-4357 or send an InterNet e-mail
> message to HELP@VM.CIS.SMU.EDU.  If you have questions concerning
> the content of PONI contact Carolyn Kacena at (214) 692-3229 or e-mail
> at VB7R1001@VM.CIS.SMU.EDU.
> *****
> Carolyn Kacena
> Director, Academic Support Automation
> Office of the Provost
> Southern Methodist University
> Dallas, TX 75275
> (214) 692-3229             FAX: (214) 692-4138
> Bitnet:   VB7R1001@SMUVM1
> Internet: