Funding for new subscriptions Deana Astle 04 Feb 1991 20:37 UTC

We are exploring options for funding new serial subscriptions in a
time of little or no budget increases.  I know some institutions have
policies which allow a subscription to be ordered for a period of
years (usually 1-3) from the book budget, with a review at the end of
that time to see if it will be subsumed into the serials budget.
For those of you who do this, how well does it work?  What criteria
are used to decide whether, after the period paid for out of the book
budget, the title becomes "permanent" (difficult to do, I suspect,
in these times).  What controls, if any, need be placed on the number
(or dollar amount) that is allowed to be used in this way?  What other
concerns need be addressed?  We are hesitant to consider a dollar
for dollar trade (cancellation for new order) because of the heavy
interdisciplinary use of our science titles and our corresponding
reluctance to assign any given title to just one department.  Any
comments you have will be appreciated.

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