Announcing HYTELNET...instant access to Telnet names & addresses Peter Scott/Order Unit Manager/U of Saskatchewan Library/6016 05 Feb 1991 13:02 UTC

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Subj:   Announcing HYTELNET...instant access to Telnet names & addresses

                                          [revised posting Feb 5 1991]



I have just finished compiling a hypertext browser called HYTELNET,
which you load as a memory-resident, pop-up utility on your PC to give
you instant access to Telnet names and addresses.

The browser is basically a series of ASCII files connected by hypertext
links. The information on the addresses was gleaned from many sources,
the authors of which are mentioned below.

HYTELNET is available by anonymous ftp from Simtel20 and can be found in


by anonymous ftp from, and can be found in the
directory /mirrors/msdos/hypertext as;1


by anonymous ftp from, and can be found in the directory
I have included the READ.ME file for your information.

                          HYTELNET version 1.1
                              READ.ME FILE
                             December 23 1990

HYTELNET has been written specifically for those users who access the
VAX/VMS Telnet Utility via a modem or the ethernet on an IBM compatible
personal computer.

**Directory Instructions**

If you are running HYTELNET on a hard disk, copy all the files into a
separate directory.  Always load the HYTELNET program from this directory.

**Loading HYTELNET**

At the DOS prompt (in the HYTELNET directory), type HR to install the
program in memory. After it loads, hold the Ctrl key down and depress the
Backspace (<-) key.


Press Ctrl-Backspace to active the program
Press Arrow keys to operate the program
Press F1 key for help
Press ESC to terminate the program
Press Alt-T to remove the program from memory while the program is on
the screen.

It is a memory-resident program which should be called-up before you load
your communications program. Have it sit in the background until you need
to find a Telnet address. To invoke the program just hit the Control and
Back-space keys then follow the directions. When you have read the site
information either hit the Escape key to return the program to the
back-ground, or hit Alt-T to remove it from memory.

**Memory-resident conflicts**

Because the HyperRez program makes no stack calls, it is unaffected by the
loading sequence or memory location of other programs.

One item to remember is that HR.EXE should be unloaded from memory in the
reverse order that it was installed. That means, if you load HR.EXE before
you load another program, then unload it after you unload that program.

Program size:        16065 bytes (HyperRez on disk)
Installed size:      59680 bytes (for program, text, and links)
ASCII file size:     Maximum size in 20K (set by text buffer)
Maximum recall:      Remembers Right-arrow jumps 64 levels deep

**Essential files for running the program**

Program:             HR.EXE  (HyperRez program)
Select hot-key:      HRK.EXE
Title ASCII file:    START.TXT
HyperRez F1 file:    HELP.TXT
Instructions:        READ.ME...this file!


The original documents which I adapted for this program were written by the
following people who deserve a very large vote of thanks from this author
and anyone who decides to use the program:

Billy Barron
University of North Texas
Internet address:

Dr. Art St. George
University of New Mexico
Internet address:

Judy Hallman
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Internet address: hallman@unc.bitnet

Marty Solomon
University of South Carolina
Internet address: solomon@univscvm

Diane Kovacs
Kent State University
Internet address:

Dr. Ron Larsen
University of Maryland
Internet address:
This author takes full responsibility for any errors or omissions.


You may wish to add your own SITE information or update those sites already
listed. See <CUSTOM> for instructions.

If you have any comments on the program or suggestions for improvement,
contact the author at the following addresses:

  |                    Peter Scott  .  Phone:    306-966-6016         |
  |             Order Unit Manager  .  FAX:      306-966-6040         |
  | Univ of Saskatchewan Libraries  .  ENVOY100: PA.SCOTT             |
  |                      Saskatoon  .  Internet: SCOTT@SKLIB.USASK.CA |
  |   Saskatchewan, Canada S7N OWO  .    |