Re: Barcoding Microforms?? Joyce Gartrell 08 Feb 1991 13:03 UTC

> Columbia University will find that after they've barcoded about 100
> microfiche, they'll have a handful of envelopes which they can't use.
> Unless you alternate the position of the barcode on the envelope, you
> will end up with a very fat mass existing in the area where ALL the
> barcodes are and a lot of air where barcodes are not.  You won't be able
> to fit as many fiche into a tray, either.  Nor will people required to
> file or refile in the fiche cabinets want to continue doing that job.
> Kate Herzog, University at Buffalo Science & Engineering Library.

Thanks, Kate Herzog.  How does U of Buffalo handle barcoding

Joyce Gartrell
Columbia University Libraries