SMU Internet Access - Addendum CAROLYN KACENA 08 Feb 1991 16:38 UTC

With the usual disclaimers to multiple list subscribers...

Last Friday I issued the notices concerning Internet access to SMU's
PONI online catalog system.  The following updates should be noted:

1.  SMU allows view only access to the technical services side of the
NOTIS system, for those who may utilize bibliography software requiring
the MARC formatted record.  You should see but be unable to edit or change
the Bibliographic File, Authority File, and Copy Holdings Record.  This may
only be of interest to other NOTIS sites, but might be a useful adjunct to
the opac portion.

HOWEVER, if you find that our security has glitched and you see highlighted
elements which you can (or think you can) edit, please advise me as soon as
possible!  We think its a clean security screen, but...

2.  Some people have gotten in successfully, signed off of our CICS region
successfully, but not gotten back home from the SMU mainframe.  The following
addendum reminds us all that our campus system administrators can help in
this regard.  If you have additional questions, please direct them to

Michael Stephens, SMU TECH1 for NOTIS
121C Bradfield Computer Center
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX  75275
VOICE:    (214) 692-3453

or use the HELP Desk facility noted in the original mailing.


When SMU announced the availability of PONI last week a slight
discrepancy was inadvertently included.  The two clear keystrokes
used when exiting PONI are to ensure that the user is completely
out of the PONI application.  A single clear from the introductory
screen is also sufficient.  The CSSF LOGOFF will exit CICS and
return the user to the SMU VTAM screen or its help menu, but will
not terminate the Telenet session from your site to SMU.  The
termination is done at your local site and depends on your local
conventions.  You should contact your system administrator for


Please keep your questions and comments coming.  I have appreciated the
questions for clarification and hope that this mailing assists each of
you in successfully utilizing the PONI system.

Carolyn Kacena
Director, Academic Support Automation
Office of the Provost
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX 75275

(214) 692-3229             FAX: (214) 692-4138
Bitnet:   VB7R1001@SMUVM1