Re: Apple Archives Carol.Magenau@MAC.DARTMOUTH.EDU 11 Feb 1991 15:13 UTC

In answer to John Saylor's query as to whether Apple computer journals were
being permanently retained:

Dartmouth is a longstanding user of Apple/MacIntosh computers, and has a
fairly good collection relating to them.  These are our cataloged serials with
subject headings for the Apple or MacIntosh.  We have all issues of at least

      Title: *Apple* Library Users Group newsletter

      Title: The book of *apple computer* software

      Title: Icon review catalog

      Title: The *macintosh* buyer's guide

      Title: *Macintosh* owners special ; An update on the
              Dartmouth*-macintosh* package

      Title: *Macintosh* ... product registry
   Other Ti: Product registry.

      Title: Macuser
   Other Ti: Mac user.

      Title: Macworld : The *macintosh* magazine
   Other Ti: *Macintosh* magazine.

      Title: Time-life access/ *Apple*
   Other Ti: Time life access. *Apple.*
   Other Ti: *Apple.*

      Title: Wheels for the mind
   Other Ti: *Apple macintosh* wheels for the mind.
 Earlier Ti: Macintosh weels for the mind.

Carol Magenau, Serials Librarian, Dartmouth College Library