Claims bkatz@COSY.UOGUELPH.CA 15 Feb 1991 06:48 UTC

I would like to ask members of the List to comment on their experience
with claims -- both when using vendors and when subscribing directly.
How many claims would you say that you have to deal with a year, as a
rough percentage of your total periodical subscriptions?  How many are
filled as claims and how many go on to become back issue orders?  Has
there been any change in the "pattern" of claims (no., satisfaciton
rate, etc.) over the past few years?  I assume that these questions
would be of interest to a great many of us and so suggest answers go
to the list rather than to me.  Many thanks, in advance!
Bernard Katz, Head
Humanities and Social Science Division
University of Guelph Lbrary
Guelph, Ontario, Canada