Re: Serials cancellation projects Carol Schaafsma 27 Feb 1991 16:47 UTC

The University of Hawaii Library is anticipating the need to cancel serials
in order to stay within  our 1991/92 budget.  We are planning to earmark
$400,000 worth of titles, in $100,000 increments.  The first $100,000 will be
cut immediately.  The remainder will be cancelled in increments, as reality,
the legislature, and the Governor demand.

Our serials budget for 1990/91 is $2,500,000.  $400,000 would be a 16% cut.
On top of the approximately $150,000 which we cut back in 87/88 when this
whole problem first began to surface, we're into the territory where the cuts
really hurt.

Carol Schaafsma
Serials Department
University of Hawaii Library