Announcement Linda Woodhouse 28 Feb 1991 12:30 UTC


                     THE 1991 ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE

The 1991 annual conference of the Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services
Librarians will be held May 1 through 3 at the University Place Conference
Center on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
(IUPUI).  All of the sessions will be at the conference center, and optional
library tours will follow the Friday program.

As in years past, the objective of the conference is to provide technical
services librarians with an opportunity to discuss issues that are impacting
or will impact their mission in library organizations.  For this reason, the
theme - "The Once and Future Catalog: Enhancing User Access" - was chosen.
Many viewpoints will be explored:  the administrators', the public service
librarians', the acquisitions and collection development librarians', and the
users' from all types of libraries.

On Friday morning this year's theme will be explored from the perspective of a
librarian who is already experimenting with the "future catalog."  This
presentation will be followed by other stimulating issues related to the
theme: networking, access to full text, and the "scholar's workstation."

The registration fee of $50.00 includes all conference sessions, coffee breaks
and continental breakfasts, two meals (Thursday luncheon and Thursday dinner),
and the annual $5.00 membership fee.  To receive a registration form, contact
Linda Woodhouse, Acquisitions Department, University Library at IUPUI, 815 W.
Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN  46202.  BITNET: IKEM100@INDYCMS, Phone
(317) 274-0477.

The Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians draws its members from
the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio; however, the conference is open to
anyone interested in the conference topics.

Questions, other than registration, may be sent to:

Dolores J. Hoyt, Head of Technical Services, University Library at IUPUI,
815 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN 46202.  BITNET: IYKA100@INDYCMS.
FAX:  (317)274-0492.  Phone:  (317)274-0474.