Re: More troublesome publishers SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 01 May 1991 21:35 UTC

We have also experienced difficulties with our Conference Board titles.  They
do add new titles fairly frequently, change titles just as often, and never to
seem to understand the confusion that it causes.  I have found that they even
have trouble identifying the specific titles we have claimed, not to mention
their own volume numbering.  Fortunately, this happens primarily with those
titles that we retain for only a limited time (the ephemeral 3 and 4 page
publications).  With their "larger" titles, we get fairly good service.

It really is helpful to see these kinds of concerns brought up on the list.
Helps me realize how common my headaches are to others out there.  Thanks to
Susan for bringing this one up.

Steve Murden
Virginia Commonwealth University