Fulfillment Houses Anne E. McKee 02 May 1991 16:41 UTC

 Sometime in the past 3-5 years, Faxon did a short article on fulfillmnet
 houses which was quite good. What they are, who they are, how to deal with
 them etc. It was so good that I had my staff read it and then circulated it
 among the rest of the librarians.

 As to working with Fulfillment houses-I have had much trouble with them as
 probably every other serials librarian. It's been my experience that they do
 not send missing issues but rather "will extend the length of your
 subscription for 1 issue". There have been some titles so difficult to obtain
 that I've wondered why we ever had to pay for them again-I thought they would
 have been extended until Doomsday!

 I too, would appreciate any suggestions that have worked for other serials
 librarians and for anyone at Faxon: would it be possible to reprint that short
 article again?

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