Recap of info. received on use studies COOKEI@APPSTATE.BITNET 03 May 1991 18:10 UTC

I would like to thank all of you who responded to my query concerning use
studies of periodicals. I received 10 replies. Several ideas were suggested:

**  Tape issue shut with a small piece of tape. Keith Stetson from
Fairfield University says they were able to cancel some expensive titles
using this method. Incredibly simple, but only good for losse issues, not
practical for bound vols.

**  Place pieces of string atop text blocks of bound vols. (the alternative
of above?) This was volunteered by Judy Rieke from Vanderbilt, who says
she read about it being done successfully at USC Medical library.

**  Several respondents mentioned closing periodical stacks and monitoring
use with an automated system of check-out.

**  Univ. of Wisconsin-LaCrosse has used portable barcode readers when
reshelving (this was the method I was looking for). These folks are holding
a poster session at ALA in Atlanta: Poster Session VII, Tues. July 2,
11 am-12:30 pm.

It wasn't through Serialst, but I recently learned of another school
that has used portable bar code readers to record reshelving of periodicals.
Janet Kilpatrick of East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, reported
that they have been using bar code readers. She mentioned this in a
presentation concerning the deselection of serials at "S
the conference "Serials: the Next generation," held in Durham, NC in

If anyone wants to see the full text of the replies I received, I'll
be glad to share them with anyone interested.

Eleanor Cook
Appalachian State University