ALA Pre-Conference on Negotiating with Subscription Agencies sami klein 03 May 1991 19:08 UTC

I am not on this list, but was asked to pass on the following notice. This is
my first attempt in trying to send a file (which is in ASCII) and so I
hope it isn't too messed up.

Sami Klein
Gaithersburg, MD




"Well worth the invest-
ment.  You'll make it
back each year."
Robert L. Houbeck, Uni. of Michigan

"A management tool!
Techniques we can use
every day."
Joe Ann Clifton, Litton Industries

"... the seminar was very
useful.  I felt empowered
and have since success-
fully negotiated for a
reduced service charge"
October Ivins in Serials Review



Friday, 28 June, 1991, 9:00 - 5:00.

Marriott Marquis Hotel, 265 Peachtree Center
Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia

A one-day seminar on techniques and opportun-
ities for libraries and information centers
to improve service and negotiate ongoing
savings with subscription agencies and other
serial suppliers.

The Marketplace: Publishers Need Libraries
                                       Libraries: the $1 billion + market
                                       Agencies: the companies; market share; ma
   rketing strategies;
                                        agency consolidation; other serial vendo

The Subscription Agency Business: Agencies
Need Libraries
                                       Revenue sources: publisher discounts; ser
   vice fees; foreign
                                        exchange conversion; money management.
                                       Costs: payments to publishers; automation
   ; risk; research
                                        and development.
                                       Business practices: margins; efficiency;
   profit objectives;
                                        cost assignment; image.
                                       Service charges: how they are calculated
   and assigned to
                                       The future: unbundling; monitoring servic

Techniques To Improve Service:
                                       Service requirements
                                       Performance criteria

Negotiating With Agencies and Other Serial
                                       Strategies: how and where to begin; win-w
   in; vendor
                                       Opportunities: account "clout"; collectio
   n profile; service
                                        usage; single or multiple vendors; perio
   d of service.
                                       Objectives: dollar savings and service im

N. Bernard "Buzzy" Basch, formerly President
of Turner Subscriptions and Vice President at
EBSCO and Faxon.  Author of Buying Serials.

Registration fee: $295.00 (includes lunch).
Forward registration and payment to:

                                             Basch Associates
                                             860 North Lake Shore Drive
                                             Suite 7J
                                             Chicago, IL 60611

                               Phone: (312) 787-6885   Fax: (312) 943-0025

                                  Please register before 20 June, 1991.