FULFILLMENT CENTERS Marcia Tuttle 06 May 1991 19:49 UTC

It has been our experience at the University of North Carolina that
fulfillment centers -- even NEODATA -- have become much easier to
work with in the last several years. Perhaps this is a result of the
hard work done by Bill Randolph at EBSCO and Jerry Curtis when he was
at Faxon. At any rate, many of their journals have an 800 phone
number listed in the tiny print beneath or to the side of the con-
tents. When you call this number, a very helpful and very knowledge-
able person works with you to solve the problem. Some magazines don't
have the 800 number listed. Dale Smyth, one of our serials acquisitions
assistants, had the bright idea of calling an 800 number he DID
have for another title and asking for the number for the problem
title. It worked! All of this doesn't mean the problems don't happen.
But it just seems easier and more efficient to work these things out
over the phone.