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Re: Problems with NEODATA October Ivins 06 May 1991 21:17 UTC

Re: Problems with NEODATA October Ivins 06 May 1991 21:17 UTC

First, two apologies-- one, to the list for omitting my title and affiliation
from my comment.  Secondly, to Carol Schaafsma; her comment arrived after
mine was sent!  I didn't intend to give the impression that I think it is
hopeless (only difficult!) to try and open a dialogue with fullfillment
houses.  For all we know, they may have undergone management changes and
would indeed be receptive to such an overture now-- we won't know if we
don't try.  NASIG or ALA PVLR or SS Acquisitions Comm (which Susan Davis
and I are both on) might be appropriate places to refer this suggestion.
   Marcia Tuttle's comment about the 800 number is also helpful and
supports my overall impression that dealing with the FC's is easier than
it once was (gosh, this entire discussion is making me feel ancient!)
but with my library that is in part because we try to accomodate their
policies.  Bill Drew's suggestion of lobbying publishers directly is
also something to try when a really huge problem arises.  One the one hand, if
you don't report problems, the publisher will not know how unpleasant we
find dealing with FC's; on the other hand, publishers are saving alot of
money using FC's and no longer have a staff to deal with our complaints-
a real catch 22.  Anyway, I've enjoyed the discussion even if it did
make me feel ancient :-)
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