CD-ROM and accompanying materials BMACLENN@UVMVM.BITNET 09 May 1991 16:43 UTC

This is a cataloging question for those of you who are cataloging
CD-ROMs and making provisions to describe User manuals as accompanying
materials.  At the University of Vermont, we catalog our CD-ROMs on
computer files format and have been describing user manuals as accompanying
materials in $e of the 300 field.  No formal policies have been set up
for describing the user manuals separately in our volume holdings,
however some people are beginning to wonder if we should make the
user manuals stand out more as separate entities --  either in the
volume holdings records or with a call number suffix (such as "guide"
or "manual") to reflect its print (as opposed to computer file) nature.
Is anyone else grappling with this question?  Has anyone else developed
consistent policies for cataloging and inventory of CD-ROMs?  We are a
NOTIS site ... but insights from anyone who's using an online system
would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Birdie MacLennan
Serials Cataloger
University of Vermont